BEC 6300 4G LTE Gateway


  • Price w/ 2 Year Contract: $159.00

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The BEC 6300 4G LTE Gateway features super-fast 4G LTE cellular data,  Wi-Fi access point, integrated voice support (VoIP), 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch and firewall security in a single high-performance platform.  The 6300 is the ideal solution for Residential Fixed Wireless Broadband, Enterprise/Branch Office Connectivity and Business Continuity/Failover applications.

·         4G Cellular Broadband internet access.
·         Wireless N Speed and Range for bandwidth intensive applications such as: HD video              streaming, Teleconferencing, online gaming without any lag.

·         Multi-functional USB Port for storage and file sharing throughout the network
·         Connect multiple Wi-Fi devices and up to four wired devices directly to the Gigabit                  Ethernet ports

·         SPI firewall, Parental controls and filtering protect your network from a wide array of                common hacker attacks
·         Secure Wi-Fi Connections with highest level of wireless security WPA2/AES

High Availability
·         Automatic Fail-Over between 4G Cellular and/or Ethernet WAN
·         Optional Redundant Power Connection for Battery Backup Unit


Choose a Plan that Fits Your Needs

10 GB20 GB30 GB
$60.00 $80.00 $100.00

All prices and data allowances above are per month. Data overage is billed at $10/GB. Monitor your data use with the Data Use Tracker at Service will be 4G LTE where available.

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