Data Share Plans


Enjoy the freedom of shareable data for phones and devices plus unlimited nationwide talk and text.

Step 1: Choose your plan size

$30 $50 $70 $95 $125


$175 $225 $300 $400


Step 2: Add your devices

Phones includes unlimited nationwide voice & text

Smartphones (2gb-25gb plans) Smartphone (40gb + plans) Feature Phone
$30 $25 $20


Data Devices

4G MIFI or Delphi Unit 4G Tablet
$15 $10
Where high-speed data services are available.  Speed and uninterrupted use of the services are not guaranteed.  Coverage not available everywhere.  Service defaults to national 3G EVDO network, where available, if Thumb Cellular's 4G LTE network is not available.

For Thumb Cellular's data services acceptable use policy and frequency asked question. Click Here