International SIM Cards

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Thumb Cellular is proud to offer International SIM Cards for current customers planning to travel outside the United States.

Contact Thumb Cellular several days before your planned trip to allow time for International SIM Card programming and activation.


When do I need an International SIM Card?

An International SIM Card is needed to make phone calls and send text messages outside the United States. This includes popular vacation destinations such as Canada, Mexico and Europe.

How does an International SIM Card work?

Contact Thumb Cellular several days before departing on your trip to request an International SIM Card. The card will be prepared and sent to whichever Thumb Cellular office you specify. Before leaving for your trip, you will pick up the SIM card and receive instructions for use. Upon arriving at your international destination, you will insert the International SIM Card into your phone and use it for the duration of your trip. Upon return to the United States, you will remove the International SIM Card and replace it with your original SIM card.

How much do calls and text messages cost?

The International SIM Card works independently of your regular Thumb Cellular plan.
Think of it as a temporary travel plan.
The SIM card itself costs $10, and is reusable for future international trips.
Voice calls cost $1.20 per minute.
Text messages cost $0.30 per text (up to 160 characters).

Can I use data with an International SIM Card?

Data service is not currently supported with an International SIM Card. However, smartphones can be connected to hotel Wi-Fi and public Wi-Fi hotspots for an internet connection.