Introducing Carryover Data for Everyone

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Beginning in July 2018, all Thumb Cellular 4G data plans will receive Carryover Data for no additional cost. Below are Frequently Asked Questions about Carryover Data.

Which plans receive Carryover Data?

All plans with 4G devices now receive Carryover Data. This includes 4G smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband internet devices.

Do I have to sign-up for Carryover Data?

No, you do not have to sign-up. Beginning July 1, 2018, all 4G data plans were upgraded at no additional cost to include Carryover Data.

My plan already had Carryover Data. Has anything changed for me?

If your plan already had Carryover Data, you will not notice a difference. Customers on the “5GB Everything Plan with Carryover Data” will notice a slight decrease on their July statement due to that plan being combined with the standard “5GB Everything Plan.”

How much Carryover Data do I have?

Your monthly statement will list how much Carryover Data is available at the time of billing. You may also check your remaining data (including Carryover Data) throughout the month using the Data Tracker tool on the Thumb Cellular website. Data Tracker can be found on the “Support” page under the “Tools” section.

When does Carryover Data expire?

If Carryover Data is not used, it will expire one year after it is accrued. When you use your Carryover Data, the oldest data (based on the month it was accrued) will be used first to minimize data expiration.

If I switch plans, do I retain my Carryover Data?

If you choose to switch between individual device data plans (Everything, Tablet, Mobile Broadband, etc.) to a Data Share Plan or vice-versa, you will forfeit unused Carryover Data. However, switching the number of GBs on an existing plan or switching between individual device data plans will not affect your Carryover Data.

Do 3G plans get Carryover Data?

No, we are not offering Carryover Data to 3G data plans. To have Carryover Data, you must upgrade to a 4G plan.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Carryover Data?

There are several ways to have your questions answered. You may:

  • Call our toll-free number at 800-443-5057 (select option “0”)
  • Visit a Customer Care Center in Bad Axe, Caro, Pigeon or Sandusky
  • Chat with “Live Support” found on our “Support” webpage
  • Directly contact your Key Account Manager (for accounts with 5+ phone lines)