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Pokemon Go and Data Usage

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Are you or your kids having fun playing Pokemon Go? While you’re trying to catch ’em all, make sure you’re aware of your cellular data usage. Keep in mind that Pokemon Go requires your phone to be constantly checking and transmitting your location via gps. And because the app also requires you to be outdoors and moving around, you will definitely be using a cellular connection rather than a wi-fi connection. To top it all off, the game uses your camera a lot, so your battery will quickly drain too. Here are some tips to keep your data usage under control:

  • download all app updates and in-app purchases over wi-fi.
  • only play in areas where public wi-fi is available.
  • set a mobile data limit for yourself. On android, go to settings > wireless & networks > data usage > data usage date cycle > and select a date range. On iphone, you can disable the app from using cellular data altogether by going to settings > cellular > cellular data usage.
  • avoid downloading/streaming videos, music, and media while playing.
  • close out of other open apps that may be using up data.
  • restrict background app data. On android, go to settings > application or apps > pokemon go > data usage > restrict background data. On iphone, you can stop apps from refreshing in the background by going to settings > general > background app refresh> pokemon go.
  • disable notifications under your phone’s settings app. Email and push notifications from various apps also eat into data.
  • and finally, we know it’s hard, but pace yourself. Moderation is key. 😉