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VoLTE Service Upgrade

Thumb Cellular is proud to provide a free upgrade to our voice services. Over the coming weeks and months, all customers will be upgraded to VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) technology. VoLTE uses our more robust LTE data network to transmit voice calls instead of our legacy 3G network.

With VoLTE, voice calls will have improved clarity and more natural sounding audio, calls will connect faster, and your phone’s charge will last longer since VoLTE consumes fewer battery resources. Additionally, VoLTE allows you to surf the web, download files, use a web app, or utilize a mobile hotspot while talking on the phone.

As our legacy 3G service is slowly decommissioned by the end of 2022, VoLTE will become the primary technology used to make phone calls.


Are you ready for VoLTE?

Most newer phones are capable of VoLTE when updated to their latest software.
Make sure yours is included in the list below:


iPhone 6s or newer; iPhone SE (1st or 2nd gen)




CV7; Stylo 5 and 6; Wine (GF3 Flip)


G6 Play; G7; Moto Power (G8); Moto Power (2021)


Galaxy S10 or newer; Galaxy Note 10 or newer; Galaxy A20 and A42; Galaxy Z Flip3 & Z Fold3


Preparing Your VoLTE-capable Smartphone

To enable VoLTE, your capable smartphone (part of the above list) must be up-to-date with the latest software from its manufacturer.

Apple iPhone software update instructions: click here

Android (CAT, LG, Motorola & Samsung) software update instructions: click here

For further assistance, contact Thumb Cellular.




How do I prepare for VoLTE?


Make sure your phone is updated to its latest software version. Devices that are capable of VoLTE and have up-to-date software are eligible to have VoLTE enabled immediately. Please call us at 800-443-5057 and we will turn on VoLTE. Otherwise, follow the instructions you’ll receive via SMS or mail.

If your phone is not on the list of compatible VoLTE devices, you will need to upgrade to a newer device. Contact Thumb Cellular for further direction.


What will change when I switch to VoLTE?


Whenever possible, your phone will route voice calls through the LTE network instead of the legacy 3G network. You will likely notice an improvement in sound quality during a VoLTE call. Additionally, you will now be able to use data simultaneously while making calls. You should also notice improved coverage when you travel outside of the Thumb area.


Will calls switch between 3G and VoLTE?


No, calls will not switch between the two networks. If your call starts on the 3G network and you move to a 4G LTE coverage area, your call will continue as a 3G call. However, if your call starts on the 4G LTE network and you move to a non-4G LTE coverage area, your call will drop. After December 31, 2022, all calls will be exclusively VoLTE.


Will VoLTE cost me more?


No, calls are rated exactly the same as they always have been. You are not charged for the data used to complete your calls.


Why can’t I make a VoLTE voice call?


There are several reasons that may prevent a phone call over VoLTE:

  • VoLTE has not yet been activated on your line.
  • VoLTE is set to ‘off’ on your phone or on the phone you are calling.
  • Either you or the person you are calling are not using a VoLTE voice-capable phone.
  • Either your phone or the phone you are calling are not connected to the 4G LTE network at the time of the attempted call.

If you have checked your phone settings and are experiencing repeated issues with placing VoLTE voice calls, contact Thumb Cellular for assistance.