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Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi) Information

Thumb Cellular is proud to provide a free new feature to our customers: Wi-Fi Calling, also called Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi). Wi-Fi Calling will automatically be added as an option on compatible smartphones once the feature is ready for use. Once added to a smartphone, you may choose to enable the feature by following the directions below.

With Wi-Fi Calling, customers are able to make and receive calls and texts over a Wi-Fi network if they’re in a location with poor cellular network coverage. For this feature to work, your smartphone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.


Which smartphones work with Wi-Fi Calling?

Most newer smartphones are capable of Wi-Fi Calling when updated to their latest software.

The list below includes devices that are currently or will soon be capable of Wi-Fi Calling:


Now Available: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and all newer models running iOS 17 or above.


Now Available: Moto Power (2021)


Coming Soon: Galaxy S20/S21, Galaxy S20+/S21+, Galaxy S20 Ultra/S21 Ultra

Now Available: Galaxy S22/S23, Galaxy S22+/S23+, Galaxy S22 Ultra/S23 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip3/ Z Flip4, Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Note20


Enabling and Disabling Wi-Fi Calling on Your Smartphone

To enable Wi-Fi Calling, your capable smartphone (listed above) must be up-to-date with the latest software from its manufacturer.

Apple iPhone Wi-Fi Calling enable/disable instructions: click here

Motorola Power Wi-Fi Calling enable/disable instructions: click here

Samsung Galaxy Wi-Fi Calling enable/disable instructions: click here

For further assistance, contact Thumb Cellular.


Wi-Fi Calling FAQs


Is there a cost from Thumb Cellular to use Wi-Fi Calling?


Wi-Fi Calling is simply another way for your smartphone to connect to a network and make a voice call or send a text message. This means you will be charged the same as if you were making a voice call or sending a text while directly connected to a cellular network. For example, additional fees may apply when making international calls or while using your smartphone outside the United States.


Does Wi-Fi Calling use my cellular plan data?


No. Using Wi-Fi Calling does not count against your cellular plan’s data allowance.


What are the Wi-Fi requirements to use Wi-Fi Calling?


Your smartphone must have Wi-Fi enabled, and you must be connected and able to access the internet on the Wi-Fi network that you selected.


Why do I need to enter an Emergency 911 address when setting up Wi-Fi Calling?


By registering an address, you’re providing information that determines how a 911 call via Wi-Fi Calling is routed. This information is provided to emergency services if you’re unable to report your physical location, or if cellular service isn’t available to help pinpoint your location.

It’s important to know that whenever possible, your smartphone will attempt to connect a 911 call using a cellular network rather than a Wi-Fi network. Address information provided is not used for billing or any other purposes.

NOTE: It is recommended to update your Emergency 911 address in your Wi-Fi Calling settings when you change locations for an extended period.