How Do I Log In To My Voice Mail Account Online?

Web Mail allows you to listen to your messages online and manage your voice mail box settings and preferences.  To access Web Mail you must have Voice Mail activated on your phone and webmail access enabled on your account.  To enable webmail access for your voice mail box contact customer service at 800-443-5057.

Once you have webmail access enabled on your account you are ready to login.  The Web Mail Login is located on our homepage under the "Tools" dropdown menu.  Just enter your 10-digit mobile number and the Password is the PIN you use to access your voice mail box from your phone. 

If you forget your Voicemail password, contact Thumb Cellular at 800‐443‐5057 to have it reset.

How Do I Use Voice Mail?


The following items can be accessed after logging into your voice mail.

 After listening to a message you can:
   Press:    2  to Keep
                 3  to Delete
               66  to hear date and time

 To Change your Passcode:
   Press:    4  Change Settings
                 3  Security Options
                 1  Change passcode

 To Change the Greeting:
Press:    3 work with greetings
                 1 to set up personal greeting


How Do I Set Up My Voice Mail?

It is quick and easy to set up your voice mail box!  All you need to do is call your own number from your cell phone and follow the prompts to record your name, record your greeting (or choose a standard greeting) and set your PIN.

Once your mailbox is set up to check your messages just dial your own number, or use your phones 1-touch speed dial, and enter your PIN then press #.

Can I Turn Off The Number, Data And Time Being Played Before My Message?


The information given before the voice mail message plays is called the header.  Call in to your voice mail box and take the following steps to turn off Voice mail headers so just the body of the message is played.

Call into your voicemail box.

Press 4 To Change Settings
Press 2 For Handsfree and Timesaver Options
Press 3 To Change Voice mail Preferences
Press 1 To Change Preferences for Voice mail headers
Press 1 To Turn off Voice mail Headers

Now when you check your messages, only the body of the message will be played, for message info (date and time) you can press 66 during or after the message has been played.