How Does Thumb Cellular's Current Congestion Management Technique Work?

If a certain area of the network nears a state of congestion that unduly interferes with Thumb Cellular customers' use of the Internet via the Equipment, then Thumb Cellular may implement congestion management techniques to ensure that all customers have a fair share of access to the network. It may, for example, identify a group of customer accounts who are using the greatest or a disproportionate amount of bandwidth.  It may then temporarily manage their Internet traffic until the period of congestion passes. During the period of congestion management, customers still will be able to do anything they want to online, and many activities will be unaffected.  But they could experience effects, such as longer times to download or upload files, slower surfing of the Web, or slowness playing games online.

Thumb Cellular's technique does not manage congestion based on the specific online activities, protocols, or applications that a customer is using at the time of congestion.  Instead, it only focuses on the heaviest users in real time, so the periods of congestion typically tend to be very fleeting and sporadic.

Importantly, the effect of this technique is temporary and it has nothing to do with a customer’s aggregate monthly data usage allotment (if there is one). Rather, it is dynamic and based on prevailing network conditions.