How Is This Announcement Related To Any GB Monthly Data Use Threshold?


The short answer is that it is not related. Thumb Cellular offers and has customers on different use plans.  Some plans allow unlimited GB/month for a set fee.  Other plans call for a monthly fee that permits 15GB/month, with the customer paying a particular fee for use beyond 15GB/month. 

Generally speaking, though, network management practices Thumb Cellular implements in a period of congestion is separate from any GB/month use limit that a customer's plan may set.  Congestion management is based on real-time Internet activity. Its goal is to avoid congestion on our network that is being caused by the heaviest users – regardless of whether any of those users have exceeded any applicable GB/month cap.

Having said that, however, we reiterate the information noted under Question # 2 above as to certain specific limits for particular users under specific data use plans:


  • If a Thumb Cellular customer is on an "Unlimited Data Use" plan (unlimited data use for a set dollar amount) and that customer has exceeded 15GB in a month, then customer will be capped at 256 Kbps upload and 512 Kbps download speeds. 
  • If a customer is on a plan allowing them 15GB per month for a set fee with charges for use beyond that 15GB limit, then Thumb Cellular may implement similar speed caps. 
  •  All Thumb Cellular customers are limited to 1Mbps at all times.