Why Do I Have Charges For More Than One Month On My Bill?

Thumb Cellular bills our customers for monthly access and features one month in advance. Therefore, if this is your first bill, you are billed from the date you started your service to the end of the billing cycle (partial month), plus you are billed for the next month in advance. 

Changes for a partial-month, or more than one month may also occur when you change your rate plan/features. Because we billed in advance for the period when the change occurred, we must credit back what we charged for the old rate plan/feature, and then bill you the correct charge. In addition, you are billed the new rate plan/feature one month in advance. 

This may also occur if you were temporarily suspended for nonpayment

How Do I Enroll In Online Billing?

To enroll in online billing, you must first receive at least one paper bill.  You will need your account number and Token#.  The Token# is found on the bottom of the first page of your bill.  Click the Ebilling Icon on bottom of the homepage.  From there click the “Enroll” tab and fill in the necessary information.  Once you enroll in online billing, you will receive your bill via email and will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail.

When I Login To View My Bill Online, I Just Get A Gray Box When The Bill Is Trying To Download.


This is a wide-known issue with Adobe, and it is recommended you do not download the 10.1.2 version if possible.  But if you have already downloaded it, you can try the steps below to change a setting in your Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader 10.1.2 workaround:

Turn off the option to “Display PDF in Browser”

Open Preferences

Select Internet and uncheck the box that reads Display PDF in Browser