Can I Call International Numbers?


You are able to call to Canada and Mexico, but you will incur a long distance charge of 10¢/minute for calls to Canada and 25¢/minute for calls to Mexico.  

At this time, we do not allow any other international dialing from the Thumb Cellular network but, you can call international numbers with the use of an international calling card.  They can be purchased at many local retailers; it allows you to call a domestic 800 number and then transfers your call to the international number of your choice.


How Do I Log In To My Voice Mail Account Online?

Web Mail allows you to listen to your messages online and manage your voice mail box settings and preferences.  To access Web Mail you must have Voice Mail activated on your phone and webmail access enabled on your account.  To enable webmail access for your voice mail box contact customer service at 800-443-5057.

Once you have webmail access enabled on your account you are ready to login.  The Web Mail Login is located on our homepage under the "Tools" dropdown menu.  Just enter your 10-digit mobile number and the Password is the PIN you use to access your voice mail box from your phone. 

If you forget your Voicemail password, contact Thumb Cellular at 800‐443‐5057 to have it reset.