How Much Do Text Messages And Picture Messages Cost?


For text messaging if you don’t have a text messaging package the standard charge is 5¢ per incoming message and 15¢ per outgoing messages.

For picture messaging, if you don’t have a picture messaging package the standard charge is 75¢ per picture message sent or received.  If you have the unlimited texting and data plan, picture messages cost 25¢ per message.  You can get unlimited texting, data and picture messaging for $19.99/month.


How Do I Send And Receive Text And Picture Messages Via Email?


Text Messages


  When you have text messaging on your phone, you are automatically given an email address to which people can send you text messages right to your phone from any email software package. Your text messaging email address will be comprised of your Thumb Cellular phone number (with area code, no spaces or dashes) plus the extension For example: . You can send texts as emails by choosing that option when you send the message and sending to a regular email address.  Since text messages are only meant to be short messages of 160 characters each, lengthy emails sent to your phone may come across as multiple texts.


Picture Messages


If you have picture messaging enabled on your phone with a picture messaging feature, pictures may be sent to your phone by using your Thumb Cellular phone number (10 digits) plus the extension  For example: . Alternatively, you can send pictures to an email address by choosing that method to send when you take or select a picture.  Please note larger picture messaging files or MMS (multimedia messaging service) files may be too large to receive or may take a while to be sent to your phone


What Is A Common Short Code?

With Common Short Codes, you can participate via text messaging in voting polls, receive information and alerts, enter sweepstakes and contests, and even have applications, such as ringtones, delivered right to your phone. Common Short Codes are codes you can send text messages to that are advertised throughout the United States. Additional charges may apply depending on the type of short code campaign that you opt-in to receive. Pay-As-You-Go and Lifeline customers are unable to use Common Short Codes.

Common Short Codes can be ongoing or short term and may send either straight text messages or dynamic links or content.

Any content with charges associated will appear on your next bill, including data use charges if applicable. You may opt out of short code campaigns at any time by texting the word “Stop” to the short code you would like to opt out of.

Trouble Sending Or Receiving Text Messages

Try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify that you are dialing the number with area code.
  • Make sure the inbox and outbox on your phone are cleared out, if they get too full, no new messages will be able to come through.
  • If you are having a problem texting with a particular number, give us a call with the number and some examples of when the failed messages occurred.