How Do I Download Applications To My Android Smartphone?

From your handset go to the “Android Marketplace” by clicking the shopping bag icon.  The first time you go to the Marketplace you will have to enter in a gmail username and password.  If you do not have one, you will be able to create one at that time.  Be sure to retain the username and password for your records.  You can search for apps, browse by category, read reviews and see screenshots.  Many of the Apps are free, if you choose purchase an app, you will need to enter in your credit card information.

You can also browse the Android Marketplace from your computer at 

Why Do I Have Charges For More Than One Month On My Bill?

Thumb Cellular bills our customers for monthly access and features one month in advance. Therefore, if this is your first bill, you are billed from the date you started your service to the end of the billing cycle (partial month), plus you are billed for the next month in advance. 

Changes for a partial-month, or more than one month may also occur when you change your rate plan/features. Because we billed in advance for the period when the change occurred, we must credit back what we charged for the old rate plan/feature, and then bill you the correct charge. In addition, you are billed the new rate plan/feature one month in advance. 

This may also occur if you were temporarily suspended for nonpayment

How Do I Enroll In Online Billing?

To enroll in online billing, you must first receive at least one paper bill.  You will need your account number and Token#.  The Token# is found on the bottom of the first page of your bill.  Click the Ebilling Icon on bottom of the homepage.  From there click the “Enroll” tab and fill in the necessary information.  Once you enroll in online billing, you will receive your bill via email and will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail.

When I Login To View My Bill Online, I Just Get A Gray Box When The Bill Is Trying To Download.


This is a wide-known issue with Adobe, and it is recommended you do not download the 10.1.2 version if possible.  But if you have already downloaded it, you can try the steps below to change a setting in your Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader 10.1.2 workaround:

Turn off the option to “Display PDF in Browser”

Open Preferences

Select Internet and uncheck the box that reads Display PDF in Browser


How Much Do Text Messages And Picture Messages Cost?


For text messaging if you don’t have a text messaging package the standard charge is 5¢ per incoming message and 15¢ per outgoing messages.

For picture messaging, if you don’t have a picture messaging package the standard charge is 75¢ per picture message sent or received.  If you have the unlimited texting and data plan, picture messages cost 25¢ per message.  You can get unlimited texting, data and picture messaging for $19.99/month.


How Do I Send And Receive Text And Picture Messages Via Email?


Text Messages


  When you have text messaging on your phone, you are automatically given an email address to which people can send you text messages right to your phone from any email software package. Your text messaging email address will be comprised of your Thumb Cellular phone number (with area code, no spaces or dashes) plus the extension For example: . You can send texts as emails by choosing that option when you send the message and sending to a regular email address.  Since text messages are only meant to be short messages of 160 characters each, lengthy emails sent to your phone may come across as multiple texts.


Picture Messages


If you have picture messaging enabled on your phone with a picture messaging feature, pictures may be sent to your phone by using your Thumb Cellular phone number (10 digits) plus the extension  For example: . Alternatively, you can send pictures to an email address by choosing that method to send when you take or select a picture.  Please note larger picture messaging files or MMS (multimedia messaging service) files may be too large to receive or may take a while to be sent to your phone


What Is A Common Short Code?

With Common Short Codes, you can participate via text messaging in voting polls, receive information and alerts, enter sweepstakes and contests, and even have applications, such as ringtones, delivered right to your phone. Common Short Codes are codes you can send text messages to that are advertised throughout the United States. Additional charges may apply depending on the type of short code campaign that you opt-in to receive. Pay-As-You-Go and Lifeline customers are unable to use Common Short Codes.

Common Short Codes can be ongoing or short term and may send either straight text messages or dynamic links or content.

Any content with charges associated will appear on your next bill, including data use charges if applicable. You may opt out of short code campaigns at any time by texting the word “Stop” to the short code you would like to opt out of.

Trouble Sending Or Receiving Text Messages

Try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify that you are dialing the number with area code.
  • Make sure the inbox and outbox on your phone are cleared out, if they get too full, no new messages will be able to come through.
  • If you are having a problem texting with a particular number, give us a call with the number and some examples of when the failed messages occurred.

I Am Having Trouble Connecting To The Internet With My MV440 3G Router.


 Before calling please try these tips for Internet connection problems


  1. ETHERNET BUTTON- Check the small black Ethernet button on the front of the unit (to the left of the 4 Ethernet ports) to be sure it is slid to the right (below the taller little line with the dot when you are facing the unit) or toward the Ethernet ports.  If it is pushed to the left, you will not be able to connect.
  3. TOTAL REBOOT- Power off the Axesstel unit by sliding the black button on the side of the unit toward the Ethernet plugs on the front of the unit.  The lights will go out…then power off all computers and turn them back on and TOTALLY let them reboot.  Turn back on the MV440 Axesstel unit and give it time to TOTALLY reboot before trying to connect to the Internet browser again.  It is actually recommended that you either reboot your device once a day or turn off each night.
  5. CHECK ALL LIGHTS- All green lights are the best. The Power light should be green or blinking green, the Signal light should be green (excellent signal) or orange (good signal).  A red signal light means you have a weak signal.  The Connect light should be green if you’re connected.  The 1xEV-DO light should be green if accessing high-speed data network.  If light is not green, reboot the device.  The Ethernet light should be green ONLY if you are hard wired to a computer with an Ethernet cord, the Wi-Fi light should be green.
  7. CAN’T ACCESS THE INTERNET:  If all lights are green, but you can’t access the internet, check to make sure “Work Offline” is not checked under the Tools tab.  Also, under the Tools tab, go to Internet Options, then to the “Connection” tab.  Make sure “Never Dial a Connection” is marked.
  9. CHECK FOR BEST LOCATION- The unit may need to be moved to a better location.  It works best and gives you the best Signal on an outside wall or near a window especially in a medium or low signal area.
  11. CHECK ALL COMPUTERS – Check to see if one computer or all computers will not connect or are slow.  Many times it is a computer problem instead of the Internet connection.
  13. WIRELESS COMPUTER BUTTON- Be sure your wireless button is turned on and/or the Wireless is enabled on your computer.  Some computers have the wireless disabled and it needs to be enabled.  The wireless button needs to be turned on.  Sometimes it is a button that is easy to find with a wireless icon on it and it lights up when the wireless is turned on and some are hard to find.  It may be located on a Fn key and the wireless icon is on the F5 key for example.  Some laptops have an actual switch or button that might be located on either the side, back or front of the laptop.
  15. CHECK ANTIVIRUS UPDATES- Was there just recent updates to your antivirus software?  These can sometimes hose things up on your computer.  By uninstalling the update or new Antivirus software this will show if this is the issue or not.  You may also have to turn off the Firewall.
  17. HOW MUCH DATA HAVE I USED?  Thumb Cellular has set up all MV 440 users to receive a redirect page while surfing the Internet when they hit the following levels:  15%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 100%.  On a 15GB plan, it will take 2.25GB of usage to get the 15% welcome message, so it’s possibly some users won’t see that message.
  19. I’M HAVING COMPUTER ISSUES:  Thumb Cellular Sales Executives are qualified to address any issues related to the Axesstel MV 440 unit.  If you’ve purchased a new computer, had upgrades done to your computer or other work that is causing the device not to work, it may be related to computer issues and not the MV 440 unit.  In these cases, we recommend you contact a computer repair center.  The AVCI Tech Team can be reached at 989-453-4357 or you can use your own computer repair company.

Can I Call International Numbers?


You are able to call to Canada and Mexico, but you will incur a long distance charge of 10¢/minute for calls to Canada and 25¢/minute for calls to Mexico.  

At this time, we do not allow any other international dialing from the Thumb Cellular network but, you can call international numbers with the use of an international calling card.  They can be purchased at many local retailers; it allows you to call a domestic 800 number and then transfers your call to the international number of your choice.