Thumb Cellular Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us. Thumb Cellular (the Company) respects and protects the privacy of our customers. We carefully ensure the confidentiality of each customer’s account and calling information. Our employees are educated about their obligations to safeguard customer information and are held accountable for any failure to meet their obligations.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted new rules to safeguard the privacy of Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) by telecommunications companies. CPNI is information typically available from details on a customer’s monthly bill that has been obtained in the normal course of providing service. It includes call detail records, services and features purchased, data usage, calling patterns and related billing information. The FCC rules add new requirements in accessing CPNI data, even when requested to do so by the account holders.

Any Thumb Cellular customer who wishes to access certain account information will need to establish a password in advance with Thumb Cellular and the Company’s customer service representatives must require the customer to give the password before accessing any CPNI data. CPNI information can only be sent to the mailing address on record at Thumb Cellular. Also, any customer visiting one of our offices must present valid government photo identification or give the account password before the Company’s customer service representatives will be allowed to divulge any CPNI data on an account. Please contact us at 1-800-443-5057 if you have not already set up your password.

Under Federal Law, you have the right to, and we have the duty to protect the confidentiality of your CPNI. Although it is Thumb Cellular policy not to use or provide CPNI to others for marketing purposes, under FCC rules, without further authorization from you, we can use CPNI to offer you services of the type you already purchase from us, or we may share CPNI with our affiliates that offer different categories of service, if they already have an existing service relationship with you. Thumb Cellular has affiliates, Pigeon Telephone Company and that offer local exchange and Internet services. Although Thumb Cellular does not currently use or provide CPNI for marketing purposes, if in the future the Company decides to share CPNI with our affiliates to offer you services that may be different from the type of services you currently buy from us, you will be notified in advance. You will then have the opportunity to tell us you do not want us to use your CPNI for that purpose. However, customers may receive marketing information developed without using confidential information.