Local Plan

 Thumb 350
w/ free incoming calls
Thumb 500
Total Minutes 350 including free incoming calls
when in the
Thumb Cellular service area
Monthly Rate $35.00 $35.00
Cost Per Additional Minute .15 for each additional minute .15 for each additional minute

Thumb 500 - $35/month

  • 500 local minutes/month
  • Home airtime rate: $.15/minute
  • Supersystem airtime rate: $.35/minute
  • You can also add multiple choice nationwide minutes.

Thumb 350 w/ Free incoming calls - $35/month

  • Companion Line(s): Add up to 4 and share the plan minutes for $10 each.
  • From the Thumb, calls made to anywhere in the United States will be local.
  • Calls made to Michigan from Michigan (outside of the Thumb) will incur a $.15 per minute toll fee.
  • Outside of Michigan, toll and roaming will be charged at the rate of the servicing carrier.